Sabrina DiAngelo

I have been a medium since my childhood; it goes back to my ancestors. But when I was young my fate made me turn away from the spiritual life in the world and I lead a normal life.

Personal Reading?

You can have single or regularly personal readings by telephone, mail or Skype. You can have also a dream interpretation, online and personal workshops.


~My new website is online
~My first book is published! After 1 weeks it’s already 13th Place of Top 100 german angel books on

My book (german)

Mein Buch 3d

Learn something from your soul!

Do you want to heal your old blockades, patterns and fears?
In a personal reading you can find out more about your past lives and your guardian angel. I will help you to expect the best future by doing better things in the present.

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Mantra to start the day!!!

With this video you start your day positive and with energy! I made a special Mantra-Channeling for you with special pictures of spring 2011. Bid welcome this special day!!   (This video is soon in english too!!)      




Open day

Seelenstern, Brunowstr.60 – 13507 Berlin-Germany
11-17 Uhr
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Book Publikation

My book: “Plötzlich hellsichtig” (Clairevoyant overnight) is now on Amazon in german language
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See and hear your angels

Would you like to see and hear your angels? Would you like to get better in touch with your self and with your soul? That’s not impossible! It all starts with a little self-love. ‘How will that work? ‘, you’ll ask and your soul knows the answer. I’ll help you to learn that you can better understand yourself!

Are you really the center point in your life? Do you get what you dream or you want? LOVE will reach you, if you learn to love yourself, and with this I want to help you! Are you single and lonely or in an unfulfilled relationship and want to get out there at last? Would you like to finally attract your soul mate and be free and happy? This is possible! Let’s find out together what makes you small, invisible and unhappy and then we get you out of there!

And what about your health? Do you suffer from physical afflictions that just do not dissolve or do you have a lot of pressure shows up in your life? Sleep problems, fears, phobias and much more, accompany the daily lives of many people. You’re not alone! CALL * Are you suppressed at work, not free or will even bullied? Now it’s time to take your life back into your own hands and build up your self-esteem!

Do you have emotional and psychological problems? Do you have daily thoughts that give you no peace, you feel small or you find yourself not beautiful? As a alternative practitioner for psychotherapy I can help you, dealing gently with the things that stand between you and your joy. For this you need your soul, just you and your free will, that you want to change your situation!

Everything is in a soul connection and I believe that you can solve the problems from yourself. Behind every illness, situation and attitude of life is an issue. This you might have brought from your past, but also by your past lives. We will find out together how you can to your CURE, a fulfilled life, your luck and get a better sleep. But I’ll let you in your self-responsibility, because it comes with your primal power! You have more power than you think and the universe believes in you! I want to afford the contact with your angels to you,because it can help you to develop more self-confidence and strength. CHANGE TODAY something to your life! Because every moment is worth and if you change something now, then everything will change!