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Latest feedback: June 2015
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' powerful experience...' client Lejla/ 2015

Dear Sabrina!
As I promised I will get back to you and write a short feed back.
I wanted to say thank you! It was a really great and so powerful experience for me. I got to know a lot of new information. Some of them I don’t fully understand but I know with time I will know exactly what you have told me. I got a lot of motivation and calmness after the speech and also excitement and a bit fear which I think is normal. I don’t know why but for me all spiritual things are so beautiful, powerful and a bit fearful 🙂 I also like a lot that you have the possibility to get a tape because there are so many information that you can not write everything down and you can listen to it whenever you want. I am so happy I had a chance to come to you! I am looking forward to come again in the future. I wish you a lovely day even it is raining.
Lovely greets, Lejla
'...Thank you Sabrina, my healing angel...' client Tina/ 2014
rishikeshI suffer from chronic lower back pain that can leave me unable to move for days. Excruciating pain that makes even the slight muscle movement a herculean task for me. And worst of all, the smallest and common activity like bending down to pick something up can trigger it. The last time it happened to me, Sabrina happened to be in town. I couldn’t walk straight or lie down and only sitting down straight was moderately bearable. After seeing the sorry state I was in, she mercifully did a healing on me. During the 5-7 minutes I did as she told me to while her hand hovered over my pain region. As I imagined whatever she asked of me, I could feel the energies leaving my body and the pain subsiding! I couldn’t believe that I was on the receiving end of such a miracle!!! When she finished, I rose from laying down with cat like dexterity and no trace of pain whatsoever! I was walking straight and couldn’t stop pacing my house in unbelievable excitement! Sabrina, being Sabrina was a bit embarrassed by my open gratitude. 🙂 But what she did for me cannot be expressed enough in words or measured enough in excitement! Thank you so much Sabrina for healing my back pain that has troubled me for 7 years and even telling me the past life reasons that I was carrying and releasing me of all of it! I owe you a lot! Love, Tina