Are you a fortuneteller and can you tell me my future?
Which form of therapy have you got?
What are you exactly doing?
How is the process with an appointment? Have I to do something during the reading?
Can you record the session for me?
To which topics I can ask questions?
Can I ask questions to other persons? Is this bad and can this person realizes it?
Can you ask the deceased?
Can you connect animals?
Can I ask you questions during the session…for example when I don’t understand something?
Are there differences between a personal and a telephone reading?
Can you give me answers to all my questions? What is when I don’t get an answer from you?
Can I ask you questions about my past life?
Are there wrong or stupid questions?
Have I to tell you something about me before our reading?


What kind of connection do you have? How do you know the answers?
How can I connect with you?
What is your address for a personal session?


How expensive is a session?
How to pay for it? Is it cleared by the telephone bill?
I have no money so what can I do?
Have you got vouchers to give as a gift?


How can I get an appointment with you?
When is the next free appointment possible?
What is an emergency session?
How long does the session take? Can I make a time limit?
What kind of opportunities I have got?
Did I forget something?
Can I come back or can I have regularly sessions with you?


Have I got to arrange something?
Do I have to know something before?
Do I have to bring something with me to the session?