How can I help you?

I help you to heal your blockades, worries, your problems of body and soul, karma and the wounds in your soul. We can heal problems with a partnership, health, calling, anything you need through a reading together. A lot comes from old lives and a lot from this life and it’s time for it, to stop troubling your future. That is what I am here for. And without you having to tell me a single word.

In a channeling/ reading I connect myself with the divine energy and your higher-self/ your soul. As your soul knows everything about you, your path of life and your past, present and future. I don’t need any advance information from you.

With one appointment we get to the bottom of everything that troubles you, where it comes from and how it can be healed. Some things we can heal together by reconnected your soul, other things will be given to you for your path life by your soul. It’s up to you to use the tools you are given.

If you have further questions, please read the FAQ on my website. That will probably answer your questions. If not then of course you can send me a mail. Use the contact form below on this page or click here.


My forms of therapy are based on the HALL-Principle, which I created.

My sessions and seminars are organized around this principle:




The most important thing in my session is your healing. As everyone is responsible for his/ her own actions. I can (only) tell you how to heal yourself, but you have to do it. It is different with pain caused by karma (physical & mental). We can look at this together in the session, heal it and send it into the light.

Together with the Archangel Raphael (his name means “God heals”) and God and your higher self we can find out the reason for your pain (mental or physical) and heal it. Through my contact you can be told where doctors have given up, what really helps you. Body, mind and soul should can be in harmony again. In the session you will be told if your body has a deficiency or a blockade, if your pain is from you or from outside, if it’s from your former life or your present one and if further therapy (e.q. massage, acupuncture, homeopathy or sometimes a doctor’s visit) is necessary and what you can do.


[box type=“info“] I am not a doctor and can give no diagnosis. According to the law I am bound to say this. All information you get from me, comes from your soul and your angels. It is your own responsibility what you do.[/box]


The Angels-Way

Before and after my sessions/ readings I contact the Archangels and God to get the best possible connection to your soul. During the session the Angels, Archangels and Seraphim Angels help to protect you, so that you can get the right information and help to heal you. In a session you may ask questions about your own personal Guardian Angels and how to get in touch with them.


Love-Therapy (Therapy of love for yourself and your partner)

With your soul I will help you (male or female) to heal your former lives, your karma, blockades and love sickness. In this society we always try to be strong and to hide our pain. That causes people and situations in our lives to repeatedly hurt us until we finally look at the wounds we had hidden away and heal ourselves. With the Ancient Masters Lady Nada and the Goddess Venus I work on the issue of femininity. I help to heal the deep pain on this issue which drives most women again and again into the arms of men who bring out their deep fears and wounds and hurt them. The Archangel Michael and the Archangel Gabriel stand by me to bring the wounds of men back into the divine light. Archangel Chamuel is responsible for the heart and helps us in the session to redeem your heart from its karma pain and to ask what will help you for the future.



We awaken together your divine light. We ask your soul what is blocking you from your former lives and this one and what you can do so that you will have the best possible future. We ask your soul about your life’s path and can strengthen it through the given information, your personal information given to you and the divine light.

Behind every shadow there’s a light and vice versa. We find out why you had to go a different path up to now and which challenges are waiting for you on your new path so that you no longer see and recognize yourself in the victim role but can adopt the role of the observer.

If you would like an appointment in my healing office or by telephone or have a question, please contact me via my contact form. I will reply as soon as possible.