Are you a fortuneteller and can you tell me my future?
No, I am not a fortuneteller and yes I can see your future.

I communicate with your soul and therapy your soul and I help you to go a better way instead of only telling you what will happen in the future. Telling you the future means the kind of future you have got in this moment/ now with the state of consciousness you have got now!

I use my gift to heal your present and past and with this we can create your best possible future. I just use it for the therapy way to help. You are in your own responsibility what I don’t take off.

Which form of therapy have you got?
You can have single or regularly personal readings by telephone, mail or skype.

Some things we can heal in one session and others again need a bigger extent. The client knows it by himself, but not always after every session. Every Reading changes the life of my clients. Longstanding serious problems cannot be healing in 60 minutes.

But different from other therapy-forms we can heal it in a few weeks or months (I had clients who were many years at psychologists and psychotherapists and just had a few sessions with me and were healed in a few weeks or months). This is different from client to client.

My forms of therapy are based on the HALL-Principle, which I created. Here you can read more about it.

What are you exactly doing?
Please look at the answer from the question below: “What kind of a connection do you make?”

With one appointment we get to the bottom of everything that troubles you, where it comes from and how it can be healed. Some things we can heal together by reconnected your soul, other things will be given to you for your path life by your soul. It’s up to you to use the tools you are given.

I help you to heal your blockades, worries, your problems of body and soul, karma and the wounds in your soul. We can heal problems with a partnership, health and calling, anything you need through a reading together. A lot comes from old lives and a lot from this life and it’s time for it, to stop troubling your future.

How is the process with an appointment? Have I to do something during the reading?
I can’t remember after the sessions what was say from your soul. Sometimes I remember to the one or other picture but I don’t have the relation. Because of this I can’t give you more information after the session. Just in a new one.

Further my clients are so impressed about the specificity of the information I give that they forget the half after it and be later surprise when something doesn’t work.

You need to take the whole truth to home to realize it and to work up with it. So it’s better to write down the information or record it!

Can you record the session for me?
Yes this is possible!

I can send you per post a CD after the session for 10€/in Germany (until 80 min. an audio-CD, after it in MP3).

I can send you a download-link with the record to your EMail-address for 8€.

To which topics I can ask questions?
There are no borders for me. You can ask questions about health, relationships (with your friends, family or your partner), your calling and problems at work or with colleagues… You can ask every question! My gift is to connect directly your soul and I can ask how to help you in your situation.
Can I ask questions to other persons? Is this bad and can this person realizes it?
Yes I can connect the souls of other persons too. It’s not bad because every soul knows the own divine intention and hears to the own human. When the person doesn’t want it who you are asking for, I can’t get an answer. Sometimes it can happen that these persons feel something or think about you in this moment. It can’t hurt this person! A soul is not bound to time or place and can be at the same time in the body and in front of me to answer the questions.
Can you ask the deceased?
Yes, because the souls aren’t bound to a place, time or a life body.
Can you connect animals?
This is not a problem for me. When you want to connect your pet or another living or deceased animal I can help you with it.
Can I ask you questions during the session…for example when I don’t understand something?
No problem! It’s even important to do this, because after the reading I have no memory to what was say. You can say ‘Stop’ when you are writing and it’s too fast for you. The souls and angels are really impatient and try to tell you so much as possible in the session.
Are there differences between a personal and a telephone reading?
There is no difference for me. The soul is not bound to a place or time. You can decide what is better for you.

In a personal reading you don’t feel alone like after a telephone reading at home. From my personal experience a personal reading is better for the dissolve work.

Can you give me answers to all my questions? What is when I don’t get an answer from you?
You don’t have to worry! Your soul knows your way best. I am always being honest and when I don’t hear anything then I will tell you this.

The reason for no answers can be that it’s coming soon on another way to you and it’s the wish from your soul that you succeed it by yourself. Sometimes you have to accomplish some things before you can know something. This is not always something negative.

Example: You really want to know if you will get a specify job. Your soul knows that you would relax when you would know it, so it doesn’t give you an answer to it. With this you are unaffected, you work then with your inner voice, with the universal laws of manifestation and wishes and get the job with it perhaps earlier as it was in your life plan.

When it’s important for your way we can ask your soul what you can do to get this job.

Can I ask you questions about my past life?
Yes you can do it. The problems, fears, blockades in this life are mostly from the past lives. I work on it in a session.

You can ask directly too. Don’t be frightened – without telling me something from this life it happens many times that I can see things in your past lives that you know from this life too. We are going through situations which have no peace from past again and again till we heal them. We can find out and clarify it in the session.

Are there wrong or stupid questions?
There are no wrong or stupid questions. But with surface question you get surface answers.

Example: Why I have got hurts?

Answer: Because you have to learn something!

Better: Question: Why I have got pain in the left leg?

Answer: Because you did this and this …you can do to heal! (Answer is different from client to client).

Example: Question: What is the Meaning of my Life?

Answer: To be happy!

Better: Question: What is my mission in my personal life?

Answer: In this life it’s important for you to… and for this you can do…

Have I to tell you something about me before our reading?
I don’t need and I don’t want any information about your life before. I can hear everything what I need from your soul.


What kind of connection do you have? How do you know the answers?
I talk to your higher self/ your soul. The soul knows straight every answer of your situation, your problems, blockades…

At first I save us against other energies. These are automatically attracted when you connect the light. Then I ask for your soul or the soul you want to have answers from it. I can hear and see the souls so clear how you can see normal people in a body. This is a god connection and save with love. No negatives can come through it.

How can I connect with you?
Here is my contact form. I need a telephone number and your first and second name for my calendar.

When you can’t reach me you can leave a message with your name and number at my voice mail box or try it later.

What is your address for a personal session?
The session is in my office in Berlin-Reinickendorf/ Tegel/ Germany. Here is the card and address.


How expensive is a session?
I have got an hourly fee. You can ask for it with a mail or by a call.

After one hour it’s 1,50€/min when you have got more questions. This is good for you because you can finish your questions and you don’t have to pay an hour again, when you just have a few questions and you don’t need a whole hour or a new session again.

How to pay for it? Is it cleared by the telephone bill?
The first hour you can transfer before the session to confirm it. When it’s more than an hour you can pay the remain next day.

The charges are not cleared by the telephone bill!

I have no money so what can I do?
I have got a Blog and with my videos I give you free information, affirmations and many more. For example is here the video with the topic: “Manifestieren & Wünschen” (manifest & wishes – soon with English subtitle). With my free articles you have got the possibility to work on your own for a better life.

I have got regularly workshops which can help you and these a more cheap then a personal reading. Otherwise I advise you to save money in these parts of your life which breaks you down and to put it in what builds you up.

Lots of money is used for alcohol, cigarettes and other things and missed when you need it for your luck, peace and health.

And for all the persons who have really less money: Ask your angels for help. And when I am the right person to bring health to you they shall send you enough money for a session.

Have you got vouchers to give as a gift?
Yes, it’s possible to buy a voucher with a voucher-code. This you can regift.

After your payment I can send you a Mail with a pdf or by post (plus postal charges). It can use within 1 year with the code and the name. After one year you can extend it, when you didn’t use it, for one more year.


How can I get an appointment with you?
You can order an appointment personal or via mail. Here is my contactform.
When is the next free appointment possible?
An appointment is depend to the current rush of clients. Please call or mail me and check it out.

Appointments are possible Mo-Fr 12-17h

What is an emergency session?
When you are in a really bad urgent situation I offer to help in an emergency session at a special time/ weekend or on a holiday. The costs for it is 200€ and goes max. 1 hour.
How long does the session take? Can I make a time limit?
By experience I can say that it’s better to take time to heal the own soul and dissolve the problems.

Problems by soul and health, worries and fears need lots of love, attention and patience. What suffer by months, years and incarnations cannot heal in 1 hour.

It’s possible to have a time limit. It’s an hour fee. You have with this anyway one hour. When the session is under 1 hour you have to pay the whole one hour. Is it over one hour it’s 1,50€/ min. after the first hour (in every session) more. You can ask for the costs by mail.

What kind of opportunities I have got?
You get an entry to the knowledge how to make a better life and future. You can ask every question to all topics ( Love, relationship, health, family, work, way of life, past lives…), we can heal your karma and blockades, delete imprints, connect your soul, get affirmations for a better and more simple life and we can heal your fears and soul wounds.
Did I forget something?
No problem, send me a short message and I will tell you if I can help you. Please just a short message! No information about you please and ask just your question!
Can I come back or can I have regularly sessions with you?
Of course! Sometimes you have more questions to your life and way when you start with it.

I have different clients which come every week, every second week or every month. They realize that their life become more simply with it and how liberating it is to resolve the old paradigm, crowd-thoughts, fears and blockades. I am happy about feedbacks and when you share my work.


Have I got to arrange something?
Please write down you questions and ask the important ones first.

Extremely rarely I have to break of the session. This can have different reasons. For Example: I have to less energy after a while or you have got to learn things by yourself.

The maximum of a session is 1,5 hours.

Do I have to know something before?
You have to know your questions and which are most important for you and I won’t tell you what you want to hear but rather the truth from your soul.

It’s important that you know that I’m not a fortuneteller who just tell you the future but rather I use my gift for your healing.

Do I have to bring something with me to the session?
Please bring a pen and paper or e recorder with you. I can record the session for you too but please inform me opportunely.

And please the fee for the reading.