Channeling-Topic: „Healing“



Dear Light,

during my winter break the „ChaDeWo“ – the shortcut for “Channeling of the week” in German – will be replaced by the „ChaDeMo“ which means „Channeling of the month“. With these words from the angels, universe, god and the goddess I want to give a great start into the new week! I hope you like it!

channeling of the week

Old emotions are coming up because they want to be seen and healed. It’s very important that you don’t take them out on yourself or others.

Always return to your inner balance. The angels won’t abandon you. Don’t try to understand and fix everything by yourself.

Keep yourself warm during the upcoming March weather and pamper yourself regularly. Indulge in a rejuvenating massage or a decadent chocolate cake. Buy yourself a present or enjoy a matinee movie.

Feelings like anger, fear,  suffering, sorrows and stress is nothing to deny. It’s a cry for help to yourself because you are overloaded. It’s important to put the focus on yourself again – but not as you think from outside but rather from within.

You need a lot of LOVE and CARE – but you have to take care of yourself. Your inner child wishes for YOUR LOVE and CARE, not from others. It’s important that you fill the emptiness in yourself again with joy and luck.

Anger – You feel anger as a response to a situation that you feel is unfair to you. Think of the anger as a way for you to become aware and defend yourself, so that if you need to, you can say stop and remove yourself from the uncomfortable situation. Many times we don’t even recognize it and it mirrors in our life – either by people who treat you bad or treat themselves very good.
Send your anger a lot of love – don’t take your anger out on others, but let it out. Transform it into power, to push your self more in life, to be all that you want to be.

Fears – A fear is a challenge you want to heal. Feel it, experience it and send it a lot of love and confidence. Many fears are from your past lives and it’s coming up now so that you can finally look at it and send it into the light! You can do it!

Sufferings and worries – They have nothing to do with the present, because in the present your senses will always react in a situation. Sufferings and worries about the past are unnecessary because the past is over. Sufferings and worries about the future too are unnecessary because nothing has happened as yet and you’ll never know what will come. 

Let go of your worries! Concentrate on all the positive things in your life because that is what you want more of.

Stress – As long as you don’t make time for yourself, nobody will come and gift you some time from somewhere! Stress is an expression of chaos. Even when everything is fine outside, your innerself will always show you that you need peace. Peace you can find in meditation! Give yourself time and the universe will give you time!

Everything is going to be alright! Start to believe, because Faith will support you through all of your ways!

Ask Archangel Michael to give you company on this road so that you don’t have to go through it alone! He is there for you and will help you in every situation.


Sabrina DiAngelo©2014

Grüner Wald