Channeling-Topic: „Spirituality“


Dear Light,

I have a new field in my blog calls: “ChaDeWo”. This is the shortcut for “Channeling of the week” in german. With these words from the angels, universe, god and the goddess I want to give a great start into the new week! I hope you like it!

channeling of the week

Find your individually spirituality. There is not just one truth in the world. Many truths exist at the same time and it’s now time to find your truth and to conclude peace with it. You can except your outer world not before you except yourself. Create yourself ever day new and don’t chain yourself. The only thing what is dead sure is change. Change is positive because it helps you to grow. Ask the angels of light to arrange your soulway for this week with lots of LOVE and to escort you.

Lots of Love and Light

 Sabrina DiAngelo©2013

"Wie können nur weiter gehen, wenn wir uns verzeihen"