Channeling-Topic: „Have complete confidence“

Dear Light,

I have a new field in my blog calls: “ChaDeWo”. This is the shortcut for “Channeling of the week” in german. With these words from the angels, universe, god and the goddess I want to give a great start into the new week! I hope you like it!

channeling of the week


Everything happens for a good reason and at the right time – never before or after. It’s on you if you try to control the universe or if you release and have confidence. We can’t overview the whole picture from our little perspective here on earth. But soul, god and the angels can. When something is not happening then let it go. Later perhaps you are very thankful that you let it go. But sometimes it’s about having confidence about yourself. There are always challenges in life and to face your fears is the best way to heal the fears. But when you recognize that too many blockades block your way is it perhaps a sign to find other ways. Feel yourself and perhaps it’s time to make new decisions.

People are coming and going, because you are changing the whole time and continue your own way. Your companions are adjusted to your energy and vibes. Even here you need to have trust. You don’t need that drama anymore in your life. Focus on what is already there in your life, on what you want to have in life and put the focus on yourself. Make yourself happy and be faithfully.


Sabrina DiAngelo©2014

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