Channeling-Topic: „Engergy“


Dear Light,

I have a new field in my blog calls: “ChaDeWo”. This is the shortcut for “Channeling of the week” in german. With these words from the angels, universe, god and the goddess I want to give a great start into the new week! I hope you like it!

channeling of the week


This week is a soul-working-week. In the last days you made a lot of conscious and unconscious decisions, which will open new ways for you. Listen to your body-feeling! Don’t deal against this feeling. When you don’t want to speak, than keep quiet, when you can’t be there for others then pull back yourself and when you are a bit stretched then relax without a bad feeling. All is well. It’s not forever – it’s just for the next 7 days! Not just only the weather is changing now but rather many things inside yourself will change now! That is OK. Let it be and feel it consciously. Come into the watching position, but don’t go into the victim-position! You will get energy in the nature, you can make fresh juices or eat a special, good, healthy nice food to support your body in this time!

Call the angels of energy this week!


Sabrina DiAngelo©2014