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It’s simple to live in fears, to believe them everything negative about past or/and the future – every kid can do that and it happens everyday to everyone of us. But when our mind and soul – yes, when WE really want to grow and when we want to be free then it’s time to face our fears! Then we take the helm over us and our life! We recognize that our fears can just heal with our own help! Fears are these parts of us, whatever need love and healing…at the hands of us! Hug your fears and take trust as an assistant. It’s ok to have fears but don’t put them against yourself that it blocks you or pushes you down. Fears can save you, your body, mind and soul. But don’t take them over every thought about situations that might be happen. This takes too much energy and it’s maybe useless because all of these situations might be never really happen! Stay in present. HERE and NOW it’s the best time to goal your fears! Ask yourself: Does your fears really make sense?


Archangel Michael is with you this week. He saves you in every situation!

With love and faith you start this week! It’s your week Dude!

In love

Sabrina DiAngelo

Sabrina DiAngelo©2014


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