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It’s OK to be sad. It’s a part of healing our past. But be aware of the fact that we as humans sometimes don’t recognize when we already processed our problems. Sometimes we have a habit of crying – after many months and years our face is drawn down because of the sadness – oh yes, sometimes sadness became our life partner, because we don’t know anymore how it is to be happy. Maybe we fear the changing too (to be happy again) or we don’t allow ourselfs to be happy because our ego has many reasons for the sadness and against the happiness. You are not your sadness and you are not your ego! You are the light behind it and it’s your birthright to be happy! The angels have a homework for you: When you wake up in the morning: SMILE!!! At least 5 minutes!!! Even when you are a morning grouch! Smile reminds you that life is lifeable. The smile brings luck back to your life! Smiling is the truth behind the sorrow.

 Ask the angels of happiness this week for guidance!

In love

Sabrina DiAngelo

Sabrina DiAngelo©2014

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