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 Let the drama go

Every person has an inner drama. No matter if in a relationship, family or with your own self esteem. We are so used to this drama that we want to tell about it to other persons so that they might save us – we want to tell them how bad our life is. But only you can save yourself! When you give the power to the drama, you can’t see anything good inside yourself anymore. Every person has the feeling his own drama is the biggest, while other people just see the good stuff on this persons life.  And then these people try to outdo one another with their own drama. And with this the endless loop starts until you – YES, I mean YOU – will change something, because just you can find your luck when you let go your drama. No one else is responsible for your life then you. Nothing will change with your complaining and when you stay in your drama-position. It will just changing when you are going to start changing! It’s not simple but it’s not impossible too and your soul and angels believe in you! You can make it!

Archangel Zadkiel is with you this week that you can find your inner power again!


In love

Sabrina DiAngelo

Sabrina DiAngelo©2014


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