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You’re not just having friendship with other people. It’s equally important to have a friendship with yourself too! Sometimes we are alone just because of that: To start it! And sometimes we are so exhausted because we are always distract from the outside. When did you cultivate last time the friendship to yourself? When did you follow your heart instead of your fears? When have you been friendly with yourself while your Ego pushed you down? Start to feel yourself today, calm down into your inner peace and listen to yourself. You changed and that is OK. Friends are there for to accept you as the person you are. Start to be the best friend for yourself today to attract wonderfull friendship in your life! Listen to yourself every day at least 10 min this week to understand what your current situation is making with you. When this is difficult write it down, read it and then be positive to yourself!
The angels of friendship are with you this week!
In Love

Sabrina DiAngelo

Steg am Meer Jesolo

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