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Everything in life has two sides

We are so used to see the negative side of life and still we are wondering why we are so unhappy. Thats because we don’t recognize the other side of the situation.
We don’t even try it much enough. Everything is born out of the light and has a positive side. But there is no space for a solution as longs as we focus on the problem. When we accept the actual situation for TODAY everything can change. We don’t accept it forever – just for TODAY. This is the first step of faith into positivity. How can it help to grumble, to be depressed or to exacerbate? Just to say: „See how bad my life is!“? Is it worth it? No! The escape of a negative situation is just blogged because of our negative attitude. Let it go! While we are asking: „Why? Why? Why?“ we don’t really want a solution but rather to stay in the problem and suffer. A better question could be: „What is my goal today?“ or „What can I do today to have a better life?“ and start to be happy about the small things in life! A small bee, autumn leaves, sunshine, a smile in your mirror…


Archangel Ariel wants to help you this week!
I believe in you and the fact that your life will changing into positive because you can make it!
In Love

Sabrina DiAngelo

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