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Halloween as a graduation and a new start

Halloween is not just only a habit from the USA to sell sweets. No, this celebration is much older and has another background: It’s Samhain and it was for the Celts a new years eve: A crossover from the old into the new year, because they had just 2 half of the year: summer and winter. Thats why this evening is associate with the death souls who are going from the old life into the new world. See this day as a possibility to let your own old spirits go, all negative about your past and try to see in it a new start. Many people don’t know about that side so it’s more simple to to make a new start already from 1.november and not just only from the 1.january. So this time your purposes will work! Close your past because you just can be happy in the present. Write down your sorrows of the past on a piece of paper on the 31.october 2014 and give it to the fire. Please take care and do it on a safety place (like in your bath or outside your flat in a earthenware dish). Write down your purposes on the 1.november. It’s about your soul-/ mind-purposes. All what is good for your soul and which would give you more inner power. Write down till when you apply it and in which month you want to try this to focus on your inner luck. Keep this paper there, where you can see it regularly.

Ask Archangel Zadkiel to help you with that.

Happy Halloween!

Sabrina DiAngelo

Jack O Lantern and cute cat

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