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Your inner child needs you!

We can have reached everything that we ever wanted and we are still sad. That’s because we live in the illusion that things can make us happy. Our inner child has all information and wisdom because kids are clear, honest and free from the “grown-up-thoughts”. We unlearn to listen to our inner child! While we are thinking that money, the perfect appartment, a car or a relationship are the most important things in life, our inner child tells us that it wants to dance, jump, laugh, celebrate and wants to be free. It’s happy about the small things in life: A butterfly, a smile, ice-cream or that it made something happen! But who is right? You both because you are one! But just when you life in a balance of both then you are in your inner center and with this you can find your inner peace. We life in the inner as well as in the outer world and you are the center of both! You can have everything inside and outside. Compared with what you are doing for your inner peace, all things in your outer world can change: The car can be broken, the flat is not good enough anymore just like your relationship is etc. But everything that you are doing for your inner fulfillment with the help of your inner child will help you to let changing happen. Because then you are the center of your life, you recognize again how important you are and you’re not anymore bound on the external circumstances.

Archangel Uriel is with you this week to contact your inner child


Sabrina DiAngelo

Mystischer Wald

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