Channeling-Topic: „A happy New Year!“


Dear Light,

I have a new field in my blog calls: “ChaDeWo”. This is the shortcut for “Channeling of the week” in german. With these words from the angels, universe, god and the goddess I want to give a great start into the new week! I hope you like it!

channeling of the week

Today is the penultimate day of the year and this week we start the New Year! Your angels ask you a “ Angel letter of truth and clarity 2014″ that you can start today or tomorrow and write you can then keep loving until your dreams have been fulfilled. You have a tough year behind you and by your clarity; the following year will be easier and happier! Write in this letter, your desires, hopes, intentions and ideas for the New Year. These will be your truth! It will be terrific for you. You’ve worked so hard on you this year – most do not you see! But your angels have always seen you, they always listened and you were always on your side – in the beautiful and less beautiful moments. They look forward to start with you in the New Year and would like to let you know that they so love you as you are! For you are the light – even if you cannot see it!



Sabrina DiAngelo©2013

Rosa Blume