Channeling-Topic: „New Start“


Dear Light,

during my winter break the „ChaDeWo“ – the shortcut for “Channeling of the week” in German – will be replaced by the „ChaDeMo“ which means „Channeling of the month“. With these words from the angels, universe, god and the goddess I want to give a great start into the new week! I hope you like it!

channeling of the week

The new year starts and shows you that there is always a start and never an end. You can dictate your life every time by yourself and in this year many new and positive things will happen to you! In this year your dreams will come true! Put your focus always on the positive side of life! Don’t waste your time on your fears or negative thoughts. This is the year of decisions and manifestations! You’ll get now the price for your work on yourself but nevertheless it’s important what you focus! Say yes to yourself, to your wishes and dreams! Let old go and put your focus on the person you are today! Try meditation and chakra cleaning constantly. This helps you to center and to uncover your inner-self.

This is the year of liberty. You are like a butterfly that spreads the wings and you are free to do what you want after a long, hard journey as a caterpillar!

The colours of Love (rose, red), of Joy (turquoise, blue) and of Luck/ Health (green) will accompany you. Archangel Gabriel, Michael and Raphael are going with you this way to help you attracting your luck!

Find yourself and follow your intuition. Many things won’t go by plan, because the big plan is saved in your heart and in the universe and not in logic and mind. Have confidence! What are you waiting for? There is no reason to hesitate or to wait to let grow your confidence. Put life into it, into the love and appreciation!

You are a great beloved person. This is the year of self-love! Everything that you do in self-love will show you the triple effect!

Find the real meaning of love and self-love this year: A love without bondage, stress, expectations and without negative blurs, that was point on love in the past. The love where we was born of, the love we are today and the love we will become again!



Sabrina DiAngelo©2013

Ein Channeling mit Gott - Eine Botschaft von Deiner Seele & Deinem Licht an Dich!