Channeling-Topic: „Love“


Dear Light,

during my winter break the „ChaDeWo“ – the shortcut for “Channeling of the week” in German – will be replaced by the „ChaDeMo“ which means „Channeling of the month“. With these words from the angels, universe, god and the goddess I want to give a great start into the new week! I hope you like it!

channeling of the week

It’s time to let the old wounds heal and make space for the LOVE in your life. Worries, fears, sorrows, pain, suffering, anger and jealousy are already a part of this – perhaps a part of your world too, but the LOVE wants to come back home again. She wants you because only in your heart does LOVE feel like home.

We are born of LOVE, we are LOVE and we’ll become LOVE again. The unconditional, pure LOVE was used and misunderstood. The unconditional LOVE never starts with somebody else, but only with you! Love yourself the way you are!

I know that you unlearned it and you will have to do a lot to learn it again, but don’t give up! It gets better and better and only this matters! One day it will become so routine for you to love yourself completely, just the way you are! Stop judging yourself and others. God, the angels and your soul will never judge you. They love the way you are!

The unconditional LOVE has nothing to do with power or fears. Everything that you fear when you think about LOVE is not LOVE –  it’s the opposite of it. You have just learned to look at it differently.

But how to love yourself? How does this work? Is it possible from one day to another? Is this allowed? Won’t you be excluded or laughed at by others or will you become arrogant then?

To love yourself means to accept these parts of you which are not perfect and to see them as a part of yourself too.  Because everything that you try to combat will finally go when you stop fighting it. Because every battle that you are going into is already lost. Love wants to be felt and lived.

There is enough LOVE for everyone but you have to accept yourself as you are, as a human being, the good with the bad. Only then will you feel complete. It’s ok to feel anger, be fearful or be jealous. It’s what you do with those emotions, how you handle it that matters.

And if you put LOVE into these parts, you can see that the picture is complete and you will feel the unconditional and endless power of LOVE! You can have it overnight but to make it second nature, you have to give a lot of attention to yourself and to the LOVE until it’s self-evident! No garden becomes a paradise when you water it only once.

A person who loves himself unconditional radiates peace, LOVE and liberty. Nobody would laugh at you and those who have not attained your level will keep a distance, because they are keeping you out of their suffering. Others will let your LOVE and light reach them because they are ready to go this way with you and to take you as an example for their own life. And others are already on your new level and they are proud and happy about your new decisions. New people within your oscillating plane will come into your life!

Haughtiness is not self-LOVE. It’s a mask which covers your insecurity. You need to look under your own surface, find that part which hides, take it into your arms and send it a lot of LOVE!

You will attract all the LOVE that you allow to happen, you will feel it and it will manifest automatically in relationships, friendships, family and at work. You will feel and see the LOVE a lot more when you give it a chance….and you can start it today!


Sabrina DiAngelo©2014