Angel-Channeling of the week 3.11.-9.11.2014 „Everything in life has two sides“

  Everything in life has two sides We are so used to see the negative side of life and still we are wondering why we are so unhappy. Thats because we

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Angel-Channeling of the week 1.9.-7.9.2014 „Face your fears“

  It's simple to live in fears, to believe them everything negative about past or/and the future - every kid can do that and it happens everyday to everyone of us.

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Angel-Channeling of the week 4.8.-10.8.2014 „Activate your inner LOVE!“

    Love can heal everything – even these parts which we don’t recognize. Love is the energy behind the ego, fears, paradigms, blockades and all negatives. You’ll get what your

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